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System Requirements

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Starting A Game


Launching the Game

Choose "King of the Hill" from the program group you created during installation.

A main menu will appear. Use arrow keys to move between menu items, ENTER to select, and ESC to exit a submenu.

Single Player

To begin a single player game, choose "Start Game" from the Main Menu. You will immediately be playing against several AI players.

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Network Games


Finding a Network Game

If you know the address of the network host on which you'd like to play, proceed to Starting a Network Game.

If you don't know the address of a network host, but would like to find a network game, you can use the definition six Lobby Page. Use the page to find the address of a host, and go to Starting a Network Game.

Starting a Network Game

Players may join a game by selecting "Connect to Server" from the Main Menu and then typing the network address of the host as either a name (i.e. "") or as an IP address (i.e. If the host is found, the game will transition into Game Play mode.

Hosting a Game

To host a network game on your system, choose "Host Network Game" from the Main Menu. You will then find yourself in Game Play against several AI opponents. The host should then wait until the other players connect.

As players join network games, their player number and score are added to the score list. All AI players will continue playing.

Game Play may begin whenever all parties are present -- there is no formal "begin game" command.

If you would like other players to know about your hosted game, visit the definition six Lobby Page and follow the "Host Game" link.

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Game Play


Object Of The Game

Each player controls a rolling ball in a world containing a ramp with various tricks and traps. Whoever is currently the highest amoung the players (including AI players) is the "King" (depicted with a crown over the player's ball) and accumulates points while in that state. Collect as many points as possible by rolling up the ramps and knocking other players off. A Hint Guide is available.



Each player accumulates points for the duration that they are "King of the Hill". Points are displayed on the right and arranged by player color.

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Leaving The Game

To leave the game at any time press ESC.
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Known Bugs

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