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Founded in 1995, definition six is a small startup game development company in Oakland. We strive to design cutting-edge games that are different. We combine novel gameplay and hard-core technology into something players have never before experienced.

Instead of following the latest trend or genre, our game designs are unique and resist categorization. While a risky tact in this day of game reviews that give deep and insightful comments like "Downsides: No guns", we believe our players deserve something other than Super Fighting Shooter Racing XII: The Final Battle/Level/Track, Part 2.

Similarly, our research focus is on technologies that have a real and direct impact on the feel and play of our games. As a single example, our physics simulator goes beyond just looking cool; it allows our game designers - and even more importantly, allows our players - to do genuinely original things in our games.

All of our work here at definition six - whether it's game design, art, music, or technology research - is geared towards giving the people who play our games something extraordinary.

definition six
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